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Liam glared at Niall for a moment, before shaking his head at him. “Shut up, pretty boy.” He tilted his head as he thought about his boyfriend’s words. “Yeah, I guess you’re right.” Shrugging, he followed Niall into the bathroom. “Call me lazy but I’m not in the mood to shower, really.” Liam said as he dropped his clothes on the floor and turned to look at Niall.

“Of course you do.” Liam chuckled, shaking his head as Niall smirked at him. “Tickling is fun as well.” He said, a smirk forming on his lips as he raised his hands and moved them to Niall’s stomach. Liam smiled softly, watching Niall do a happy dance. “That’s so weird.” He mumbled and straightened out his clothes.

"I’m not pretty." Niall said, shaking his head. "You’re pretty." Niall said, smirking at his boyfriend. "Aren’t I always?" Niall said cockily before chuckling at himself. "C’mon baby. You won’t even have to do any work." Niall said pulling Liam into the shower as he turned on the water. "And after, I’ll make you any food you want."

Niall shook his head, glaring at Liam as the boy moved his hands to his stomach. “Don’t do it Li.” Niall warned. “But everything you do is adorable.” Niall said with a smile.

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    "I won’t." Niall mumbled sleepily. He grinned as he heard Liam mumble, kissing his boyfriend’s chest softly. "I love you...
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    "I believe you. Just don’t ‘fine’ me, please." Liam said with a soft chuckle, before he smiled against Niall’s lips. "I...